Friday, April 2, 2010


"Fashion is easier than music"
-Gwen Stefani

I love Gwen and I understand what she means but Im not sure I agree. I think they are equally difficult and equally easy. Both count on what you feel, but in a sense the type of music and the type of clothes Gwen is making depends on trends, how much money it is going to bring in. In that way I can understand fashion being easier. But music is actually so simple it is scary, if you want to make music focus on how you are feeling and then make a melody or a line that expresses that feeling. It might not be great but it doesn`t matter, what matters is when people listen to it do they feel like you felt? Not all music is meant to sell, some music, most music is just meant to be true, and honestly commercial songs these days has very little truth in them.
I am sure what they singing about can be true in a way, but thats not the type of truth Im thinking about. The truth I want in a song is when the song reflects human nature, the moods we have, our faults and our good qualities, the reasons we get up in the mornings, reasons we don`t want to get up in the mornings. Songs that some how try to find the meaning in life.

Best example I can give you now is Alanis Morissette; all I really want. She is true to her self and what it means to be human.

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